Unique Haircut Ideas for You to Try This Spring

Unique Haircut Ideas for You to Try This Spring

Spring is a time for renewal, and a new hairstyle is a great way to change your appearance. However, if you already have a great haircut, consider experimenting with a trendy look. For example, shag haircuts were all the rage on the runways at the biggest fashion shows. Asymmetrical bobs and messy “bedhead” cuts are great choices for the spring season. Regardless of your current hairstyle, there are many unique haircut ideas for you to try with the help of a hairdresser in JLT.

Shaggy mullet:

A ‘70s-inspired, heavily layered haircut is the hottest trend in men’s hair. The shag haircut is characterized by a long back and short front pieces. This style will showcase your personality and fashion sense while providing extra volume and texture.

A mullet doesn’t have to be a biker style, but it should be a versatile cut. You can style the style with either a ohawk, faux hawk, slick back, or comb-over. For best results, you should use a mullet hair product that contains heat protection. A mullet can also be styled with fingertip detangling tools.

Pixie cut with side-swept bangs:

Using a choppy fringe to add dimension to your short pixie cut will make it even more fun. Aside from the choppy fringe, you can even go for a side-swept undercut that adds a flirty appeal. Aside from a subtle choppy fringe, you can also opt for a short, angular bob cut.

This style combines short layers with long layers on top and sides, making it a boyish look. The hair is buzzed short on the back and angled a little forward. The cut is versatile enough to be worn on the side, behind the ear, or back. For the most part, styling is easy. Mousse and finger blow-drying are recommended to separate the top layers for texture.

Shaggy bob with side-swept bangs:

This wavy and layered bob with side-swept bangs is a cute cut that flatters thin and fine hair. This layered haircut looks fabulous with curling strands to add texture and movement. It is perfect for women with square or heart-shaped faces. The messy look is ideal for fine and medium-density hair. Aside from adding texture, it also looks good with blonde or brown hair.