Dirty AC Ducts: How to Clean Them Properly

Dirty AC Ducts: How to Clean Them Properly

Air conditioning ducts are a crucial component of your home’s HVAC system. They work to regulate the temperature in your house by carrying cool air from the central unit through the vents and into every room. Dirty AC ducts can lead to higher energy bills, as well as decreased comfort levels for those inside. Here we will show you how to carry out AC duct cleaning Dubai properly!

– Start by turning off the AC and any lighting in your home. Turn on a fan to circulate air and remove moisture from the area. This will help prevent mold and damage to furniture and other items in your house!

– Next, take out anything that can be cleaned without being disturbed – this includes knickknacks, picture frames, bookshelves, etc. If you have pets or children who may disturb these things when you are not looking it’s best to find somewhere else for them until after the cleaning is done. Make sure all of your windows are closed as well.

– Once everything is out of the area, take a dry duster and sweep as much dust as possible from the vents. This will make your job easier later on! Vacuum up any parts that you could not reach with a broom or brush beforehand – we recommend using attachments for this part to prevent damage to the vent itself. Next use an air compressor (preferably at low PSI) and blow out all visible dirt and debris in order to remove it from your home once more before cleaning starts.

In addition to being unsightly, mold buildup inside AC ducts can decrease their energy efficiency by 50% or more according to Energy Star. In fact, dirty filters alone have been known reduce HVAC efficiencies by up to 20%. This is because as the filters get dirtier, they make it more difficult for air to pass through them. If this happens enough times your system will be forced to work much harder than necessary and use significantly more energy in order to regulate temperatures within the home. Dirty HVAC ducts can even lead to health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues if left uncleaned!