Basic Offers from a Villa Interior Design Company

Villa Interior Design Company offers a beautiful villa with lush tropical gardens and swimming pool. The house design is based on traditional Mediterranean style and is completed with lavish architectural roof terrace and private sun deck. The luxury villa interior design can be furnished with luxurious sofas, plush cushions and  round wood dining table.

The private house design has five bathrooms, which are beautifully designed to perfection with the most up-to-date accessories.

The villa interior design by the best renovation company in Dubai offers a large guest bedroom and a formal and semi-formal living room. The bed size is full, and the bed is surrounded with luxurious velvet curtains.

The formal sitting room has a Chetan-style floor plan and a bar unit. The house has two guest bedrooms, which are beautifully decorated and offer lavish rooms with plush furnishings. The master bedroom and bathroom are fully equipped with modern day appliances.

The villa interior design features a large sun terrace, with wooden decks which offer spectacular sea views. The sun terrace has a formal sitting room, which is open to guests. A Chetan-style bathtub, hand sink, and bath cabinets are included in the guest bedroom. It also has a wet bar, which can be kept dry during the winter.

The villa interior design includes an elegant dining room and a formal sitting room. The dining table is surrounded with exotic wooden furniture and the walls are patterned with luxurious velvet wallpaper. The master bath has a wet bar and two sinks, whereas the guest bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, which offers a separate shower and toilet space. The luxurious bath can be furnished with a huge soaking tub, steam shower enclosure, and a hydrotherapy tub.

These exquisite house designs come with many more exciting features. These villa-house designs are perfect for a holiday home or even as a home for a family. The spacious interior allows lots of visitors to stay in, as the spacious house designs give plenty of space for entertaining. These spectacular interior designs will certainly make your dreams come true.

Above all, warm and creamy white dominant color, gives a soothing feeling to the eyes. In addition, black granite chimney top is an authentic showstopper. Furthermore, classical motif of the interior decor looks incredible with trendy, modern items, such as the glass-topped tables. Black metal wall art in the form of statues and columns adds another amazing element to the theme.