Mistakes that event planners often make

Mistakes that event planners often make

Arranging big events is certainly not an easy task and one is bound to make mistakes when it comes to arranging things in a hurry. Well, don’t worry as here we have lined up a few common mistakes that every event planner makes so that you can learn from them and not do the same thing.

  • Catering can be the deal breaker

Even though catering is that number one thing which is loved and enjoyed by every attendee in the event it can still be one of those things that can drain down all your efforts of the event as people would focus on this bad one. There could be different complaints in catering ranging from low lighting to tasteless food or badly served. Everything can be a huge nuisance for them. Make sure you are taking care of catering before other things.

  • Missing out on details

This is very important as there are few little things that one should keep their focus on in order to make the right impression. The best way to avoid missing out on details would be arranging a script beforehand. This script should contain a detailed plan ranging from number and name of guests to big things such as venue and catering. This script will help you in keeping everything in check before letting everything go and forgetting very minor yet important things.

  • Not having backup

This is very obvious and the first mistake that people tend to make. Thinking that you have assigned duties to everyone and that everyone will show up is a huge mistake as there is always going to be that one person or that one thing which is not going to turn out right or fall sick at the last moment. In such cases there should always be a backup available so that you or the event does not hand loose at the time.

These are the small event management Dubai mistakes that can occur irrespective of the size of the event or the point. It could be team building event and have these problems or it could be a huge product launch and still be ruined. Just make sure that you are prepared in advance for any unforeseen circumstance.  For further details in this regard, it is highly recommended for you to visit.